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We sell Customer satisfaction

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We live with the internet

Web application

We develop web applications from simple to complex . It can be as simple as a blog, or complex as a full-featured Magento ecommerce website, or news websites with millions views per day.

Mobile application

We use hybrid framework to complete our mobile apps. It can run smoothly on both android and iOS with just a few modifications. Save time, save development cost.


We have excellent QA and testers to do integration testing, functional testing, system testing, end-to-end testing, load testing. It brings your product to perfection.

Setup and optimize server

Your business grows, and you need to optimize your servers to adapt the growth. You want it to run faster, handle more load, with no down time!! We are the expert.


You’ve created an awesome website – congrats! What you need to do now is to bring users to it. We can help. We don’t use any tricks, we just follow the best practices to make your website come up higher on search engines like Google

Website performance

We have experts to ensure that your website is loaded within 2 seconds. You will experience very high users' satisfaction from the superb page load speed.

ERP customization and deployment

We now extend our service to ERP system to business and factory using ODOO. Rendering ODOO and customize it to meet clients need is what we do.

Blockchain Applicaion

"Blockchain technology distributed across multiple data centers can ensure security against attacks on important network and hardware equipment."



We work with global

Enterprise System

Enterprise System

E-commerce system

Real Time Link Tracking and Report System

E-commerce Site in AUS

E-commerce Site in AUS by Authony Nader


Room Booking System

Website and 3D Sofa Customization Tablet App


Since 2020

  • Our Company Environment

    We focus on Web app and mobile app

    Tabaha is a young web development company. We are focusing on web applications based on emerging technologies and mature frameworks, languages. We strive for providing high quality development work with affordable rate. Simplifying complex things is the way we solve problems.

  • Our Culture

    We aim to build a family business

    We believe that company's success is driven by the success of each team member. We work tirelessly to build a corporate playground where our team members could thrive and excel everyday. We are a group of talented people who are committed to self-development and self-growth. We treat each and every one in the company as family members and support each other when needed.

  • Our Strategy

    We follow Agile and Scrum

    Web development work is very hard to measure. You'll never know exactly how your website is being built. We follow Agile Methodology, which allows our clients to have a look at their 'in-development' website frequently. By doing this, they have more controls over what's being done, and if it is really what they want. This could save our clients from a famous case of web development: getting a completely different website from their original requirements.

  • To 2021

    We have years experience in Magento, Angular, Yii and Symphony.
    Frameworks should not be a barrier to us.
    Since we are highly adaptable!
    Languages or frameworks are just the difference of syntax.
    The logic is the same

  • Be Part
    Of Our

Dear Value Customer!

I am Hao, CEO of Tabaha.
That is an honor for our team to have chance to work with you.
We don't simple sell code and give resource for hire, but we provide you a full service which aims to bring you excellent working experience and helps you to achieve your goal.
Your goal is our achivement !

With our working experience from simple to complex system, we will suggest and discuss with you how to make your product become promissing.
My team will give you a general view of the systems and plan ahead with you about time and budget management.
You are not alone, we want to give value to you !

You don't have to have a detailed plan when you come to us.
You only need an idea, and you have passion to make it real!
You can achieve when you believe !


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We are located at : District 3, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Phone: 0933 49 29 89
Tax Number: 0316146118
Email: sale@tabahaco.com